Driving into the wind takes pulling power and enough prop to bite enough water to overcome the hull's and cabin's normal resistance plus the additonal caused by the wind, blowing chop, etc. Our low resistance hull and cabin is designed, as it is, specifically for these reasons. We can power into big seas. We can turn around in very severe conditions and take it on the stern which capability amazes everyone.
As you study the drawings you will see we utilize the under deck space ahead of the engine for our 112 gallon tank. This system empties to the last drop and can provide up to 2,000 nautical miles of travel, albeit at slower speeds. We use industrial diesels such as Kubota as they fit our system and marinize (which we do) better than the commercial marinizations available. We leave space in the engine compartment for the assorted pumps, compressors, etc., you might need to install. The gears we use are rated at around 50 horsepower and at our 6 knot speed and less than 1/2 gallon per hour probably use 8-9 horsepower of the capacity.  Our 1-1/4" shafting and 17" 3 blade bronze Michigan wheel complete the propulsion system. These components are substantial and trouble free.
Our steering system is unusual but very handy, reliable and effective. The inside is Morse cable with wheel and stern is a hinged tiller. The two tend to dampen each other so on many courses and in most conditions steering tends to take care of itself. In all situations steering is very easy and precise. Autopilots all seem to handle this boat easily and are fairly inexpensive. Taken in total this combination is probably the most convenient, effective, responsive and reliable system on the water today.
The keel cooled engine with the dry exhaust is fundamental in most commercial boats and an increasing number of pleasure boats. This system circulates engine coolant through copper tubing on the outside of the hull. The engine's coolant circulating pump provides the motive force thus eliminating the raw water pump and a lot of problems inherent in raw water cooled systems. This system provides 185 degree water for cabin heat and doesn't freeze and break in cold weather. Our exhaust is piped up the back bulkhead and spilled out of the smell zone. Transom type boats with inboards typically exhaust through the same transom which exhaust naturally follows the boat around all day. (Note the vinyl enclosed sterns on a lot of these)
The ALLWEATHER 8 METER excels in tight situations. The 26'3" length, 8' beam, excellent maneuverability, low wind resistance, well protected extremities put it in spots, including shallow, others can't chance.  Commercial boat people like the ALLWEATHER 8 METER for its rugged straightforwardness, because it makes sense without making waves. Its owners are obviously people of uncommon good sense, thoughtfulness and consideration.

A real rudder!