Owners pages

In the planning stages...

Allweather owners:  If you have pictures or other content you'd like to see on this site, please contact the webmaster at  Please send ideas for the site - we're all ears. Thanks!

P.S. May 24, 2015:  
Thanks to both George Hood and Joe Lawton for being first to send pictures and information on their Allweathers. 
 P.S. April 6, 2016:
Thanks to  Greg Maynard with hull #23 for checking in with
his info! It's still the plan to put owner chosen pictures and information on the site. In spite of the considerable delay, this is still our intention.  There will be dedicated pages for each of the Allweather 8M hulls. Thanks for bearing with us! 
Other Allweather owners please join the parade.  Send pictures and information you'd like to see on this page about your Allweather too.  The plan is to do the layouts in sequence by hull number, so be sure to include your hull number, as well.   Thanks!